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Apple Inc has Acquired Music Analytics Start-up Asaii

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According to a report from Axios, Apple Inc. has acquired music analytics start-up Asaii. Asaii is described as ‘a startup that built a music analytics engine for music labels and artist managers.’

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Apple’s deal to buy Asaii was worth less than $100 million, Axios reported, citing a source.

Why Does Apple Inc. Has To Buy Asaii?

Well, if it should be what we are thinking, then acquiring Asaii is a big move. Why? This is because, Asaii can help Apple compete with Spotify Technology SA’s efforts to work directly with smaller artists and music labels.

Asaii, according to its website, is ‘the music data analytics platform of the streaming era.’

“Starting with A&R, we’re making the industry about meritocracy,” the Asaii website says.

Apple before now, has also acquired Shazam in a deal believed to have worth $400 million.


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