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How to Share Google Maps Real Time with Friends & Family

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The latest update of Google Maps now let your friends and family track your real time location. This new feature on Google Maps for iPhone will allow you to share with your friends and family your real time location.

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With this real time feature, you can send your current location, route, and ETA over text message or third-party apps including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

How To share Google Maps Real Time Location

1. Before you press the ˄ button at the bottom of your screen, first input the destination you are traveling to.

2. After, select the Share trip progress option. Choose which contact to share your Google Maps data with and what method of contact to use.(whatsApp, facebook Messenger, etc)

3. The maps real time sharing works for driving, walking, and cycling navigation only.

Google placed high priority on traveling safe. According to a Google post, “Getting where you need to go is important, but making it to your destination safe and sound is the most important thing of all,”

This feature is really that simple and it will automatically stop sharing your location once your trip ends. Now, that’s bravo!


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