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7 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Samsung


Samsung has evolved significantly over the years. There are many things you don’t know about the Samsung of today. Samsung’s story is an interesting one, full of both highs and lows. In this article we’re going to explore some of the more interesting facts about the Korean giant and world tech giant.

The Word ‘Samsung’ stands for Greatness

Samsung is greatness right from the onset. Lee Byung-chul who founded the company, has always believed that the company is made of more and greatness. The company is built from the Korean words sam (three) and sung (stars), the tri-star symbol (三星) is said to culturally represent something “big, numerous and powerful”.

How the company started

The tri-star coming started as noodle-maker. At it’s founding, it was just a trading company with forty employees that dealt in locally grown produce and in the creation of noodles.

Start Little But went Big overtime

Sometimes is not how you started that matters but how u grow over time is the big deal. Samsung started with forty employees but today the company is made up of around 80 companies and employees over 370,000 people.

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The other Part of The Company You Don’t Know

Some of you may not know this, Samsung is way more than just an electronics and mobile producer. The SamsungGroup has 59 unlisted companies and 19 listed, all of which have their primary listings on the Korea exchange. For example, These companies range from constructions to financial services, ship building, and even medical. Samsung’s construction division built the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world.

Electronic Ambition Started in 1970

The tri-star company started its electronic production in 1970 and the first product made was a black and white TV.

The Call for Quality in 1993

After sometime the company called for the production of quality products. The Chairman Lee Kun Hee  pushed forward a new management philosophy which encouraged product quality as one of its core tenets in 1993. Lee Kun Hee, encouraged his staff to “change everything except for their family”. This call was indeed a serious one by the company.

In order to sink in the call of quality production into the head of his employees, in 1995, Lee Kun Hee destroyed more than $50 million worth of hardware. While doing this, Lee made sure around 2000 employees were to witness this. So Samsung fans, you can thank Lee, his board, and their willingness to perform an extreme drop test for the products you enjoy today.

Since the founding of Samsung in Electronics in 1970, Samsung’s logo has only changed three times. If it isn’t broke, why fix it?

Hope you’re entertained and inspired by Samsung’s beautiful story of greatness.


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