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How Chrome 71 Will Save Users From Deceptive Websites


Deceptive websites uses pop-up ads and redirecting to ensnare web users. Most times, first timers and novice falls into this trap. However, Google through the ‘ Chrome 71’ coming next month, is stepping up to save users from those deceptive websites.

With Chrome 71, Google will block every Ad on a website that continue to show abusive ad that come in many forms. It could be by causing your browser to malfunction either generating fake system messages, automatically redirecting you, or by an attempt to steal your personal information.

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Now, don’t be sacred because Google won’t just block the ad in your site immediately. What will happen is that, after Google flags issues in an Abusive Experiences report, site owners will have 30 days to mend their ways. With the 30 days grace, if you don’t change your ways then boom… Google will cut you off to keep other users safe. It’s that simple as ABC.

This isn’t the first time that Google has tried to use Chrome to address the problem. Back in July, Chrome 68 would stop sites from opening new tabs or windows if they were reported for serving abusive experiences. And Google is ready to do more with Chrome 71.


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