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Google Pixel 3 Vs iPhone XR: The Best to Buy

Google pixel 3 Vs iPhone xr

If you have your cash handy with you or in the bank, Google Pixel 3 Vs iPhone XR, Which is the best to Buy? Well, here is how to choose.

We break down the most important features you should consider when comparing the Pixel 3 to the iPhone XR.

Head to Head: Pixel 3 Vs iPhone XR

With 12.2 MP, Google Pixel 3 offers a unique back camera and Dual Front Camera of 8MP each. Indeed Pixel 3 camera completely rethinks how images are captured. iPhone XR on the other hand, has Dual back camera of 12MP each and a single Front camera of 7MP.
Advantage ==> Both have their own better side. If you are the selfie type of person go for Pixel 3. While for beautiful sharp back camera, go for iPhone XR.

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Google Pixel 3 has 5.5-inch OLED display screen with a higher resolution and pixel density (1,080 x 2,160 pixels/443ppi) than the iPhone XR LCD display with resolution (828 x 1,792 pixels/326ppi). Although the iPhone has a larger 6.1-inch screen.
Advantage ==> Pixel 3 for its OLED display and screen resolution.

Pixel 3 does not have Face ID but it comes with a fingerprint. iPhone XR on the other hand is a complete reverse. It comes with Face ID without fingerprint.
Advantage ==> Varies by user preference.

Both don’t have space for SD. Pixel 3 has two tiers of onboard storage options (64GB and 128GB). The iPhone XR on the other hand offers more (64GB, 128GB and a larger 256GB)0
Advantage ==> iPhone XR

Both have some form of fast charging and iPhone Xr have a larger battery than Pixel 3. However, sometimes the size of the battery doesn’t determine the usage time
Advantage ==> TBD after testing

iPhone XR has a flat out advantage here. The cheapest iPhone XR (64GB) will cost you $749 that’s about NGN271,400. While Google pixel 3 (64GB) will cost you $799 which is about NGN290,000.
Advantage ==> iPhone XR

Decisions, decisions…

Google Pixel 3 Vs iPhone XR are both good phones but so far, this is more of specs and Price comparison than anything else. Therefore, you can go with any but if you will want to save some money after purchase, then iPhone XR is a wise choice.


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