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How to Use Facebook Newly Launched Lasso App

Lasso app

Lasso App is not complicated after all as many of you are already thinking. The app is cool, fun and now available for download on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

On Lasso app, you can record yourself dancing and lip-syncing to music, similar to what you can already do on TikTok. The app also lets users record short clips like Vines.

Prior to the launch of the app, facebook told Verge: “Lasso is a new standalone app for short-form, entertaining videos — from comedy to beauty to fitness and more. We’re excited about the potential here, and we’ll be gathering feedback from people and creators.”

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But the big question is, can Lasso App really bring back teenagers to facebook? Because currently, FB is losing its mark in the teens world. Since majority of them now prefers the usage of Snapchat,Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram etc.

Mark Zuckerberg and his teams strategy is to use Lasso to win over teens, which the large social media platform has lost its hold over. Let’s hope Mark be successful to turn back the minds of teenagers back to facebook.

How to Sign in to Lasso app

You can sign in to Lasso through Instagram or create an account using Facebook. You’ll have to authorize the app to allow access to your profile page, photos, and videos. After that’s set up, you’re free to scroll through tons of short videos that autoplay as you pass by them.

For now, you will be able to share Lasso videos as Facebook stories, with the feature to share them as Instagram stories to come later. You’re also unable to make your profile private.


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