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How to Prevent Your iPhone From Freezing or Hanging

iPhone from freezing

iPhone is just like every other smartphone sometimes. While it is true that you can trust the Apple product, it still has problems now and then. Freezing screens are frequent iPhone functionality complaints. So, here is how to prevent your iPhone from freezing.

The first step to take if you don’t want your iPhone freezing is to make sure you never allow your iPhone battery to run flat or down completely. This is because, according to Apple, when your iPhone’s battery level is low, your device’s screen could stay blank for up to 10 minutes before displaying the low battery image. If the battery is completely drained, it could take up to 20 minutes of charging before your device begins working normally again. Thus, To prevent your iPhone from hanging or freezing, make sure your iPhone is always charged.

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Always free up some space in your iPhone as it will help to prevent your device from hanging or freezing. Just because your iPhone space is 16GB, 32GB, doesn’t mean you should cover every single space with videos, images, apps and music. So, you might just be doing yourself great good by freeing up some space in your iPhone.

Moreover, if you want to prevent your iPhone from freezing, you must learn not to tolerate Buggy Apps. These buggy Apps is another reason why your iPhone freezes. So anytime that you’re using an app and the phone freezes, that app is likely the problem. What you must do is to either update the app or you delete it completely.

Now, you’ve seen the simple ways to prevent your iPhone from freezing and hanging. Just stay true to it and see you enjoy your phone without hanging.


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