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How to Activate Dark Mode on iPhone (iOS 12)

Dark mode on iphone

According to new findings, dark mode on iPhone helps to save battery life. Moreover, a darker interface requires less power and is less taxing on your battery. Thus, with dark mode on your iPhone, your phone battery won’t be draining so fast anymore.

Steps to Enable Dark Mode on iPhone

Step 1: go to Settings

Step 2: Accessibility

Step 3: Display accommodation

Step 4: Invert colors

Step 5: then toggle on “Smart Invert” from the menu.

How to Activate ‘ Invert Colors ‘ As Your Accessibility Shortcut

However, for easy access to invert colors when you need it, like for reading at night, set-up Invert Colors as your Accessibility Shortcut. Just tap your home button three times rapidly, and it inverts your on-screen colors.

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Enable this triple-click feature under Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut and select Invert Colors (may be labeled Classic Invert Colors) or Smart Invert.


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