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How to Use The Unsend Feature on Facebook Messenger

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Just like WhatsApp that you can remove messages, Facebook Messenger has began rolling out the new Unsend feature. Sometime last week, the news surfaced that Mark Zuckerberg and his teams are working to introduce this new feature into the messaging App.

And today, Facebook has officially started rolling out an “Unsend” functionality to Messenger on iOS. However, the feature is only rolling out in select countries for now.

Here is How to Use The Unsend Feature on Facebook Messenger 

1. You have 10 minutes after the original message was sent to delete or edit it.

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2. To access the new functionality, which Facebook is calling “Remove,” you simply long-press on a message in the Messenger app. From there, options will pop up asking if you want to copy the message, remove it, forward it, and translate it. Choosing the “Remove” option displays a prompt asking if you’d like to remove the message for everyone or just yourself.

3. And lastly, Facebook Messenger will display a notice offering more detail on what happens when you remove a message:
”You’ll permanently remove this message for all chat members. They can see you removed a message and still report.”

Moreover, when a message is deleted by you, the app will display a notice in the thread indicating that “you removed a message,” which is visible to everyone in the group.


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