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7 Best Video Calling Apps For Android

Video calling apps

Video calling apps has become the order of the day. Gone are the days of using letter writing to communicate with friends and families. Now we have phones and in a minute, we can speak to someone in far away Asia without the help of a middleman or post office.

In shot, video call is one of these high technological advancements that has completely changed the way we communicate. Through video calling apps, we can communicate with people, see them clearly and even hear them clearly as well.

Here Are The 7 Best Video Calling Apps for Android

1. Facebook Messenger: whether you like it or not, facebook messenger is one of the best video calling app on Android. Messenger offers quality video calling and you can send messages, group video call, send stickers, GIFS and emojis

2. Skype: Skype is free to download and has over a billion downloads on Google Play Store already. Skype as a video calling app is especially unique for its connectivity. With Skype, you can connect to more than 25 persons in a call. Whenever you think of video chat app, Skype definitely come to mind. In shot, to some others Skype is the King of video chat.

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3. Imo: this video chat app has been available for some time now. It offers a very high quality video call, it has wide range compatibility for 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE networks; with this you can make video calls even in the worst network area.

4. WeChat: this is another cool app for video call. It works on data plan or Wi-Fi connection to offer video calls, voice calls and instant messaging.

5. Viper: like the rest video calling app, Viper is a cross-platform app and can work well between Android, Apple and even windows phones. This app is secure to use as it encrypts all text, messages and video calls.

6. Tango: the mobile app provides a high quality video and voice calls along with text chat, photo and video sharing.

7. WhatsApp: since the introduction of video calling into this Mobile App,  it has engaged in different form of upgrade to improve its video services. Its connectivity or conference call is open to multiple users at once.

Other notable mentions

• Google Hangouts
• JusTalk
• ooVoo

Note: all the mentioned video calling apps above are available for download via Google Play Store.


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