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Why Apple Removed Tumblr From its App Store

Apple removed tumblr
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For sometime now, some users have been posting images of child sexual abuse on Tumblr. Hence, Apple removed Tumblr from its app Store.

According to Tumblr statement, the illegal images got through because its filters failed to spot them and getting the app re-listed was a “priority” but has given no date for when it might be available.

After the incident of November 16 when Apple removed Tumblr from its app store, the social network app gave explanation after being approached by tech news site Cnet.

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In its statement, it said that all images uploaded to Tumblr pass through a database of “known child sexual abuse material”. It added that any matches to the database are detected and deleted – and would never appear on its platform.

In this case, it said, the images being uploaded were not in the industry database so its filters did not catch them. However, it said, the illegal content was discovered during a routine audit.

“We immediately removed this content,” it said, and added: “Content safeguards are a challenging aspect of operating scaled platforms.”


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