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OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition to Brag of 10GB RAM

OnePlus 6T McLaren edition
Photo Credit: gsmarena

OnePlus partners McLaren to produce a special OnePlus 6T McLaren edition smartphone. The smartphone is set to be announced at an event in London on December 11.

However, since the announcement of the partnership between both companies, no details about the smartphone have been outed. But a recent gist is speculating a OnePlus 6T with 10GB of RAM and 256GB of storage to be that special edition device.

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Furthermore, there is also a gist that the smartphone will have the McLaren logo on the back, to set itself apart from the other 6T variants. The OnePlus 6T McLaren edition will be introduced in India on December 12, the day after the London event. Expect this to be a limited edition product, so if you’re interested in the bragging rights that come with owning a phone with 10GB of RAM, make sure you’ll be ready to purchase one as soon as it drops.


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