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6 Tips to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

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Enjoying the usage of your iPhone is very important and that will be impossible if you have a damaged battery. The fact is that, for your iPhone battery to last longer, you have a role to play. If not, it won’t last long the way it should.

Thus, following these simple 6 tips can help you to prevent your iPhone battery from damaging on time.

1. Charge Your iPhone Battery Once it Gets To 20% – 15%

For your iPhone battery to last longer, you must avoid it getting lower than 20% before recharging it. According to experts, avoid using your iPhone to the point of it switching off. As this could reduce the battery life gradually and can even spoil the battery.

2. Limit Your Device Performance At a Time

Always limit your device performance and it is not hard to do this. You can do this by using power saving mode on your device. Doing this will;

• Limit your device’s performance
• Restrict Location services and most background data
•Emails, Messages and other apps that rely on syncing may not be updated unless you open them.

Limiting your device performance at a time can extend your battery life.

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3. Don’t over Charge

This tip must not be overlooked if you must have a lasting iPhone battery. Leaving your battery to over charge can make the battery weak. And if the battery is weak it brings other damage like – The phone not charging fast, the phone discharging more than usual and the phone over heating.

So the very moment your device shows battery full, the next step is to unplug it. And besides, not that leaving it after showing battery full will add any extra percentage, so why not remove it once it is battery full.

4. Use Original Charger

Gone are the days of using any charger to boost your device. These days, majority of devices have their own peculiar follow come charger. So, if you must have a lasting iPhone battery, then it is essential you use the original follow come charger.

5. Empty Phone RAM Frequently

RAM has effect on phone speed performance. So if your Phone is using more than enough Ram, this will likely make your Phone battery to discharge faster. Running apps can be stopped from your device. So, checking and clearing your RAM regularly is completely recommended for a lasting battery.

6. Avoid Device Usage While Charging

This is the last tip but also the most tasking among all the tips. For many smartphone users, the self control to avoid pressing their phone while it is charging is almost impossible if not unimaginable.

But the fact still remains that if you must have a lasting iPhone battery, you must avoid its usage while it is charging. This is because, failure to comply with this tip will make the iPhone charge slower and at the same time reduce the battery life.

You must have noticed that charging and using your SmartPhone will make the Phone remain in the same battery percent, Not Charging or discharging. So if you have been doing this before, it is about time you stop this and let your battery phone to be Full before using.


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