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What is 5G Evolution (5G E)? Here is All You Should Know

What is 5G evolution

5G technology is among the top smartphone trends to lookout for in 2019. It is expected to offer high-speed internet connection with low latency. Well, that is for 5G technology which according to some analysts won’t be in wide circulation till 2020. If so, what is 5G Evolution or 5G E?

5G Evolution (5G E) is the next generation 4G LTE technology from AT&T, which uses 4×4 MIMO and 256 QAM to improve the overall internet speed on selected smartphones.

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And according to recent updates, AT&T Telecom company in the United States has started to update some of the smartphones in the country to display 5G Evolution (5G E) instead of 4G LTE or VoLTE. The company also confirmed that the 5G E technology will be available in more than 400 markets by the end of the year.

Moreover, currently some Samsung smartphones in the United States of America, now shows the 5G E logo instead of the LTE logo near the network bar. Such update was done by AT&T company.

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What can you expect to get with 5G Evolution or 5G E? In a simple explanation, 5G E will be faster than 4G Lite. Thus, it is expected to download fast with less delay. However, the download speed and latency will still be less than the true 5G network. And moreover, the 5G E is only available in the United States for now.


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