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What is Rich Communication Services (RCS)?

Rich Communication Services

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is the communication between mobile carriers and between phone and carrier. It is aiming to replacing SMS messaging with a text-message system that is richer and more interactive to the user.

According to how some called it or defined it, Rich Communication Services could simply be put in three words, the “iMessage for Android “.

RCS was formed by a group of industry promoters in 2007 and brought under the wings of the GSM Association in 2008, but carrier participation and other factors kept it from being recognized for nearly a decade.

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However, Google has been putting tremendous efforts to make sure the dream of using RCS globally is actualize. And according to Wiki, 47 mobile network operators, 11 manufacturers, and 2 OS providers (Google and Microsoft) have announced their support. Google’s Jibe Cloud platform is an implementation of the RCS Universal Profile, designed to help carriers launch RCS quickly and scale easily.

According to a report in April 2018,  Google was said to be transferring its team that was working on its
Google Allo messaging service to work on a wider RCS implementation, which will be marketed under the branding Chat. If this report is true, then, very soon RCS will be the next thing every one will be talking about.

But can Rich Communication Services be used today? Absolutely yes. If you’re in Japan, North America and some European countries you can use RCS as those countries have multiple RCS-enabled carriers there.

However, we understand too the multiple things you would want us to clear up or rather you probably have lots of questions that need to be answered concerning the RCS. Our next series of articles will tackle those questions of yours.


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