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Is Xiaomi Building a Three Panel Foldable Phone?

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In this year 2019, foldable phone will be a trend to look out for in the tech industry. Notch screen has come and is gradually becoming an every day thing in smartphones. However, 5G and foldable are currently the next big things in the industry this year.

And if that’s the case, then Xiaomi has something crazy and magical to offer the industry. According to a report or could be a leak from twitter, Xiaomi might be building a three panel foldable phone. Something that is first of its kind.

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This report was tweeted by Reliable leaker @evleaks, Who tweeted a short hands-on video of a foldable tablet being folded twice from its largest display mode. Both ends of the tablet folded back and you were left using only the center part of the display.

The Foldable Phone Race

If this gist from Evan Blass is true, then Xiaomi has joined the foldable phone race. Xiaomi has now joined the likes of Huawei, Samsung, LG and Motorola that have all confirmed there is something being worked on this front.

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Xiaomi is known for bringing quality products in a meager price. So, assuming this leak is true of Xiaomi, how much do you think this three panel foldable phone will cost?

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