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AT&T Rolls Out 5G Networks To Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG V30

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AT&T has become the first carrier in the United States to roll out the 5G networks indicator to Android handsets including Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active and LG’s V30. Take note. We said 5G network indicator and not the real 5G we are told would be in wide circulation by 2020.

In truth, the 5G network could be said to be misleading. Why? This is because AT&T isn’t really upgrading anyone to a 5G service. This is still 4G LTE, just with mix of technologies (4×4 MIMO antennas, 25 QAM and carrier aggregation) that potentiall supply faster-than-usual speeds.

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This move by AT&T could just be a market strategy after all to promote its 5G service more than providing any useful information on the real 5G service. However, the acclaimed 5G service by the Telecom company unveiled in US is already circulated to some Android smartphones (Samsung Galaxy S8 active and LG’s V30).

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Install the update and you’ll see a “5G E” (5G Evolution) indicator where you used to see “LTE.” More eligible devices will see the new cellular icon in the spring, so don’t think you’ll escape it if you have a reasonably modern device.

What’s your opinion on AT&T 5G networks icon on modern Androids before the original services in 2020? Share your opinion on the comments box below and feel free to share the post.



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