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How High Prices Also Affected iPhone Shipments in India Last Year (Statistics)


It has now been revealed that low iPhone sales in China, was not the only reason which led Apple to revise its revenue forecast for Q4, 2018. But rather, Apple also had a poor sales in India where it saw iPhone sales decline by a staggering 50 percent last year.

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According to the history of iPhones sales in India, in 2014 Apple shipped 1.5 million iPhones. While by 2016, Apple was already shipping 2.8 million iPhones in the country. And in 2017 the company experienced a rapid growth from 2.8 million to 3.4 million sales of iPhone in India. However, in 2018, the company is estimated to have shipped around 1.6-1.7 million iPhones and saw its market share decline to 1.2 percent.

• “1.5 million iPhones ” were sold in 2014, 2015

• “2.8 million iPhones” were sold in 2016

• “3.4 million iPhones” were sold in 2017

• “1.7 million iPhones ” were sold in 2018

Why iPhone Sales in India Declined In 2018

Multiple reasons could be fetched for the decline of Apple products in India last year. But however, the two important reasons are as follows:

Firstly, the insanely high prices of Apple’s new iPhones. For example, the three iPhones that were launched last year, were insanely expensive. iPhoneXR starting price was $749, iPhoneXS starting price was $999 and XS Max started at $1100. While the iPhones prices were this high, Indians on the other hand grew very smart not to spend all their earnings and savings just on a single smartphone.

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Secondly, the attractive offerings from OnePlus which dominated the premium ($400+) smartphone segment in the country, affected iPhone sales. For comparison, the iPhone XS Max with 64GB of storage is available for around $1,600 in India, while the OnePlus 6T with 128 GB retails for just $540. OnePlus was offering quality at a very cheaper rate compared to iPhones high cost. Thus, Indians grew smarter to set their tent with OnePlus.

So what should Apple do to regain its market in India this 2019? Well, our suggestion is same as yours. Simply put, Apple needs a device far cheaper than the $1,000 iPhoneXR. Apple should follow suit in adopting Samsung’s new strategy of introducing a new cheaper devices or should make 2019 iPhones cheaper in the Indian market.



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