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Android Q | All You Should Know, Features and Rumours

Android Q

The next Operating System for Android mobile devices shall be called “Android Q”. The forthcoming new OS version is going to have many features among which shall include a system-wide dark mode.

How to Activate Dark Mode on Android

Moreover, aside from the dark mode features, there are other tantalising features in the code leaking out, including some not-so-cool changes, such as the ability for carriers to lock down your SIM.

Here is All We Know So Far About “Android Q”

Dark Mode Availability: this is going to be one of the most exciting feature when Android Q is finally release. I personally, is in lookout for this feature. A leak that has hit the web has suggested that with the Android Q OS version, users will be able to activate the dark mode in the entire phone. That is, you might be able to have your entire phone and your apps flushed with cool, dark blacks and blues instead of blinding-white backgrounds.

How to Activate Dark Mode on iPhone (iOS 12)

Another feature is the Screen recording enabled. This feature will be available in the upcoming OS version and it is very easy to use. All you have to do is to hold the power button down. This will be similar to how you take screenshot. With this feature, you can record what is going on in your screen. After which you can share with friends.

Android Q is rumoured to launch officially by August this year. We expect the first previews of Android Q to drop in March 2019. That’s when the developer previews for Android O and Android P were both released. More updates soon to come.


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