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Samsung Galaxy M20 Review / M10 | “M20 is Good, But M10 is a No-No” [Users Review]

Samsung Galaxy M20 review

Samsung Galaxy M20 review / M10: according to consumers, Samsung Galaxy M20 is good to go, but Galaxy M10 is a No-no. We must not forget that Samsung’s aim of releasing these new smartphones is to compete in the Indian market against the likes of Xiaomi who is already dominating the market. However, consumers feels Galaxy M20 is good for such purpose but not Galaxy M10. Let’s get to see more of what they have to say. This review will expose you to the strength and weakness of this newish devices.

“M20 price is good but m10’s price should be lower coz it have less storage weaker chipset lower resolution no fingerprint sensor worse cameras both front and rear( for the front lower mp and rear smaller sensor ) smaller battery but the difference in price is just 2000rs??

Too late. Xiaomi phones this year are already on the next level at similar price. And their mid range phones seems premium above these ones but with a more than reasonable price. Good try anyways. Some Samsung fans could bite some of these but Xiaomi is already reigning now.”

For me I can go for the Galaxy M20. That phone is smart at least. But M10 is just a bunch of waste. Ain’t giving penny for it”

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M20 is the only real thing am seeing right here. C’mon, Samsung could have done better. This is 2019 for crying out loud. Who is going to buy that Galaxy M10? No one as I see.

” Great value for money here. Samsung are really making a strong come back to destroy Chinese brands. That front design bezel less beauty is unheard of in this price category. Plus the massive battery and type c quick charge, Samsung killed it. People who are asking for AMOLED in this price range are deluded fools. Wait for the M30 if AMOLED is crucial for you, and it will be very well priced too. Great job Samsung”

Samsung should make these phones available worldwide immediately…they are getting crushed by the chineses in every countries…soon it will be too late.

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For those who think Samsung become laggy after few months. Then forget it is old saying. Now Samsung Experience UI is way better optimised and free from Ads like MIUI.
SAMSUNG has really good come back. Some may said that it don’t have Android Pie. But it with custom UI. If you really want to taste Pie then Pixel or Android One device give you better taste.
But Galaxy M20 would not dissappoint by this Samsung Experience 9.5 is far better than Stock Android.

Samsung ditched amoled for LCD? but again that would increase the price. And then people start shouting about the correct price. Then you will start to think that samsung has overpriced.. Very simple.. M20 is still a goal over M10 though

Yo, see that M10 I won’t even take for free. But M20, am so loving it. Battery is huge

160 dollars for the M20 it s a good price, i hope Samsung optimize its chipset battery life well and dont drain like chinese krab MediocreTek

Overall Samsung Galaxy M20 Review and Key Specs

The Galaxy M20 is the more interesting of the two.
• 6.3-inch
• 2340x1080px IPS LCD with a waterdrop notch
• Dual back cameras (13MP + 5MP)
• Selfie Camera (8MP)
• Rear Fingerprint scanner
• 5000 mAh Battery
• The Galaxy M20 is powered by an Exynos 7904 (14nm, 4x Cortex-A73 @ 1.8GHz and 4x Cortex-A53 @ 1.8GHz) with 3GB or 4GB of RAM.
• 64 GB Storage (Android 8.1)
• Price: $160 (57,000 Naira)

• Strong battery (5000 mAh )
• Good Camera
• Great price
• 3.5mm jack pot
• Great internal storage

• Fingerprint not embedded
• LCD screen
• Not Android Pie

Samsung Galaxy M10 Key Specs

• 6.2-inch
• 1520x720px IPS LCD with a waterdrop notch
• Dual back cameras (13MP + 5MP)
• Selfie Camera (5MP)
• 3,430 mAh Battery
• Exynos 7870 (14nm 8x Cortex-A53 @ 1.6GHz) that’s mated to 2GB or 3GB of RAM.
• 32 GB Storage (Android 8.1)
• Price: $110 (40,000 Naira)

• Good Camera
• Great price
• 3.5mm jack pot
• Good internal storage

• No fingerprint scanner
• Poor battery (3,430 mAh)
• Not Android Pie

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