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5 Tips To Make Your Xiaomi Battery Last Longer

Xiaomi Battery

Xiaomi smartphones are currently one of the best in the world at the moment. The tech company is currently gaining lot of attention from  India and Chinese market.
One good thing about Xiaomi, is how the company produces smartphones with good value, quality and specifications at a very cheap price. But what can you do to make your Xiaomi Battery last longer?

In this article we’re going to discuss 5 simple tips that would help you to prevent your Xiaomi battery from quick damage.

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1. Use Follow Come Charger

Every phone comes with its original charger. Hence, for your Xiaomi Battery to last long, remain strong and stay durable, it’s good to use the original charger for your Xiaomi phone always.

2. Allow Battery to Get to the Full Before Using

This is very simple but difficult to adhere to. The simple rule is this: ” If you are using your phone unplug it and when it is charging don’t use it”. Charging and usage of phones at the same time can only damage phone battery.

3. Limit Phone Performance

Always limit your phone performance and it is not hard to do this. You can do this by using power saving mode on your device. Doing this will;

• Limit your device’s performance
• Restrict Location services and most background data
•Emails, Messages and other apps that rely on syncing may not be updated unless you open them.

Limiting your device performance at a time can save your battery from quick damage.

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4. Prevent Device From Water Touch

Water can quickly and easily damage your phone battery. So, always keep your Xiaomi device in a safe and dry place to prevent it from water touch.

5. Unplug when Battery is Full

This tip must not be overlooked if you must have a lasting Xiaomi battery. This is because leaving your phone when it is full without unplugging it can make the battery weak. And if the battery is weak it brings other damages like – the phone not charging fast, the phone discharging more than usual and the phone over heating. So, the very next time your phone shows battery full, quickly unplug it to avoid battery damage.


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