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Finally! The ” Period Emoji ” is Coming to Your Smartphone Keyboard

Period emoji

Before now – which emoji do you use to represent mensuration? For instance, according to Mashiyat Rahman, who is 22, she said whenever she’s seeing her period, she sends the “crying” emoji to describe her mood, the “knife” emoji to describe painful cramps and the “sweat” emoji — which looks like water droplets — to illustrate a heavy flow.

Your case might be similar or little different from that of Mashiyat above. But in truth, there has never been a perfect emoji to describe mensuration period. However, we are glad to inform you that an official emoji has been adopted and approved. Starting from May/June, the ” Period Emoji ” will appear on your smartphone keyboard. This would make it easier for ladies to describe perfectly this certain period they pass through.

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Unicode Consortium, the organization that decides which symbols get to be emojis, released its 2019 additions this week. According to Unicode, they said:
A “drop of blood” emoji has been added to the mix. “And this symbol may be used to signify “menstruation” as well as “blood donations” and “medicine.” It should be available on many smartphones in the second half of the year.

See What Period Activists Are Saying About the ” Period Emoji “.

Rahman, who runs a menstrual health organization in Bangladesh, said:
“Being able to express ourselves using this emoji could make it easier to talk about menstruation,” She added, “Even though it’s a small step, it’s one of many we should take to break down stigma.”

Carmen Barlow, a digital strategy and development manager at Plan UK, said:
Emojis play a crucial role in our digital and emotional vocabulary, transcending cultural and country barriers. A period emoji can help normalize periods in everyday conversation,”

The period emoji is definitely a big win to ladies and all in general. At least, we all have a wife, or Sister or Daughter/s. With a period Emoji, they can easily express themselves.


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