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What Does it Mean For a Phone To Be Bezel-less?


Bezel-less smartphones are fast becoming a trend in the tech industry. But in the first place, what does it mean for a smartphone to be bezel-less? Well, in this article we shall explain in simple terms what is bezel? and the benefits of bezel-less devices.

What is a Bezel?

Look at the front of your phone right now; I know you must have done that by now. So tell me, what do you see? I know you must have seen phone screen in front of you. But did you also noticed the frame parts that aren’t part of the screen? Those frames besides the screen, underneath the screen and that surrounds the screen, are called bezel. For a better understanding of what we are talking about, look at the image below:

Those parts where red arrows are pointed are called “bezel”

Those parts that the red arrows are pointing to in the image above, are called the bezel.

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What is it About Bezel-less Devices?

Having known what a bezel is. What then is fascinating or beneficial about bezel-less phones? For a start, it is fast becoming the trend of current smartphones.

Secondly, in order to increase screen size, manufacturers must decrease the size of the bezel. Simply put, the less the bezel in a device, the wider or larger the screen.

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Although it might be almost impossible to remove bezel entirely from a device. Why? This is because we still need a frame around the screen. No matter what, a little tiny frame if at all is still needed to hold the screen of a smartphone to the phone case or body. So for this reason, most times we usually refer to less bezel rather than a total lack of bezel.

In our next post, we are going to discuss list of phones that are bezel-less. However, before then, you should subscribe to our blog for more tech info.


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