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How to Swap Phone in SLOT: Procedures and Conditions

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You can now swap your old phone for a new one at SLOT. It therefore means that, you shouldn’t be dumping your old phones to buy new ones all the time. Because that could amount to financial loss. Instead, you simply could visit any of the eligible SLOT stores in Nigeria to trade-in your old device for a new one (here is the complete list of SLOT branches in Nigeria)

SLOT company is owned by a Nigerian named Nnamdi Ezeigbo. The company now has over 60 branches nationwide. The company sells quality mobile phones, laptop, tablets, general electronics and in phone swap deals.

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Procedures and Conditions of How to Swap Phone in SLOT

On a normal day, phone swap in Nigeria is very risky. And this is due to the high levels of fraud, scam and “wayo wayo” everywhere. But however, SLOT is here to get you covered. So here are the procedures to follow in case you want to swap your phone for a newer one at Slot Nigeria.

• The Phone Must not Be a Stolen Device: yes, Slot won’t accept any phone with no means of verification from you as the owner. So before you go in for a phone swap deal, make sure you have ownership proof of the device.

• Neatness and Must Be in Good Condition: the phone should be neat and must be in fine condition. Of course, we don’t expect you to take a broken screen device there for swapping. No one would allow such deal. So the device you own now, can be swap in future with an upgraded version only if it is still neat and in good workable condition. The more reason you should take good care of your present phone.

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• Age Factor: you must be over 18years old before approaching any eligible Slot stores for a phone swap deal. Minors are not allowed or you come with your parents.

• Customer ID card: for a phone swap deal, go with an Identity card. It could be student ID card, Passport, Drivers license or even PVC. And the ID card name must be the same with your bank account details.

• Customer’s picture may be taken in cases where ID card or proof of ownership is not satisfactory.

If you are confused ,you’re free to drop your questions below in the comments section or you can simply use the contact us page. Or if you have a phone swap experience at slot already, you can please share with us.


  1. Please I want to swap my infinix hot 7 1GB RAM to that of 2GB RAM. Is it possible and how much.
    Please do the SLOT at SANI ABACHA ROAD (NEXTIME TRADING) do swapping.

  2. Pls I want to swap my infinix hot S to infinix hot 6pro, can that be possible and my name is not on the receipt is my aunt that bought it for me and I have national id can l

    • Not all slot stores or branches accept phone swapping. But you should visit the one nearest to you first to confirm if it swaps. However,be the case that it does not swap phones, then you would have to sell your iTel P33 to buy the Infinix smart 3 plus. Thanks

  3. If I can’t change the phone to infinix hot Sand hot 6pro, can I swap it with another one or is it bcoz the name on the receipt is not my own name I really the to swap my phone

  4. My name is Kingsley I live in port Harcourt can I swap my note 4 for note 5 or there any slot swap store port Harcourt

  5. Comment:please I bought spark 3 last week and it 1gb ram so I wanna swap with it to infinix hot 7 2gb ram…how much will I put

  6. Comment:pls I am from port Harcourt and I want to swap my infinix note 4 for note 5….tho I don’t have the receipt… is it possible

  7. Pls I read it online that slot is selling phone on credit within six months and pay small small am in Ibadan the slot branch close to me is in abayomi Iwo road

  8. Please I want to swap my two months old Nokia 3.1 plus with either infinix note 5 OR Huawei Y7 ( 3G 32 Ram).

    All my phone accessories, carton and Receipt available.

    How much will I add

  9. I want to swap my tecno spark 2 for spark 3 but on the spark 2 there is just a single crack line which is not very noticeable but the screen is working very well and the phone is in a very good condition , can I still swap

  10. I want to swap my tecno p701 droipad to infinix hot seven can it b possible and aw much will I put on it. Its still in good condition

  11. I want to swap my tecno p701 droipad to infinix hot 7.can it b possible and aw much will I be adding to it.
    D phone is still in gud conditions

  12. After going to the slot, is it immediately u can swap or can u just know the value of your phone and come back later

  13. I want to swap my Huawei Y6 2019 prime, just bought the phone 7/6/2019 to Huawei Y7 Prime 2019. The phone still neat and good condition, but can’t find my Identity card 7026268846 S4

  14. Is it possible to swap my infinix hot 6 for hot 7 the screen got cracked today it is about 5
    months old. I bought it in Slot Ikeja.

  15. Can I swap my infinx hot 6 with infinix hot 7? I bought it few months ago in slot ikeja, but the screen is broken. Though it still works perfectly wrll

  16. I want to swap my Hot 7 infinix. I have proof of ownership and the phone is neat just 6 months old I want to swap to infinixS4. Is it possible for me?

  17. Can i SWA my infinix hot7 with samsung a20
    The infinix is just four months old and still neat with out scratch of any kind

  18. Please I want to swap my Gionee s11 lite that has small crack on the screen to infinix S4, is it possible and how much

  19. Mine is Galaxy Grand 1 I want to swap with Infinix Note 4 or its equivalent pls what am I expected to pay to have it swapped?
    Good day Marvel

  20. I have a new phone i bought bout a month now pouvior 2 still very new but want to swap to iPhone 6 or 6s how much am i to add

  21. I wanna swap my phone…GN5001S..with either Tecno spark 3 or Infinix hot.I am in Abuja. Kubwa to be precise, please where can I do that?

  22. hello,is it possible to swap a phone that is new and less than 3 months but fell into the water? the money I’m asked to pay for repairs is too much..20k..

  23. Good morning, I want to swat my phone of Tecno C7 with New Tecno and I reside in Lagos ikorodu, what step would I take and like how much is needed to do this deal.

  24. Please sir or madam, I bought a new phone from slot Nokia 2.1 but I want to change it to hot note 7.my phone is in good shape ,clean and in perfect working condition. What will it cause me for that?.

  25. I want to swap infinix hot 7 pro 2gb ram to INFINIX hot 7 pro 3gb ram, I bought the 2gb ram 3weeks ago or so, pls can I swap it

  26. I want to swap my infinix note 5 but it has a cracked screen but working perfectly well. Is it possible for me to exchange it for infinix s4?

  27. I want to swap my tecno pop 1 pro to tecno spark 3 pro…..the tecno pop 1 is over 6 months old now…and it is still neat….how much will i add up to swap

  28. I lost my phone receipt please what else can I use to show/prove ownership of my phone. and I want to swap my inifinix X551 to camon CX AIR how do I go about it please.
    I am in Benue state please send me your nearest Branch.

  29. I got Infinix Note 5 stylus in October for about 80k, 2018 but recently got engrossed with Samsung Galasy A50…What’s the price range to be added to my infinx to get the samsung. The infinix is got no damage both hardware and software are intact

  30. Please where is you location …. So I can can come over to swap mine …..I dont care to add money to it just to get the Huawei y9 with my infinix hot6s just got it still neat

  31. Pls I’ve an infinix note 4 which I change the screen but its not as I loved it when it didn’t have screen problem. Can I swap to tecno spark 3pro pls. I need it ASAP. Thanks

  32. My phone infinix hot 6 got smach down and got broken, I bought it from slot last year December is there anything could do about it I still have d receipt and neat park

  33. Hey does this work for any slot shop in Lagos or are there particular branches this applies too and how much would I have to bring to swap my iPhone 8 for the iPhone XS or IPhone XS Max ?

    • It should work in all Slot stores else you can visit the HQ at Ikeja. And to know how much you are to add, the phone must be evaluated first by the slot management. Thanks

  34. Hello pls I bought a new tecno spark 3 a month ago
    And I want to swap it for the spark3pro version
    How much am I going to balance you

  35. Good day please I have just bought INIFINIX S4 just 1month old, but I want to swap to PHANTHUM 9 please I want to no the procedure and cost implication.

  36. I bought Itel A33 two months ago, and am having challenging with Privacy Protection Lock due to it got stolen from me before I found it back, I have all documents to prove my ownership with the carton intact… my question is that can it be swapped to get another phone with it condition??

  37. please can I swap my infinix hot 6 pro for infinix s4?
    and how much will be the extra cost?
    I still have receipt and pack…

  38. Hello I bought a phone 3 months ago via jumia redmi note 7 but I used my brother’s jumia in buying, i have my receipt and everything plus I have my ID I want to swap to Samsung A50, hope it’s possible?

  39. I want to swap my iPhone 6s Plus 16gig to iPhone 7s plus 64gig I don’t have receipt but the phone is neat and still working good


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