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Google Pixel 3 Vs iPhone XR: The Best to Buy

Google pixel 3 Vs iPhone xr
If you have your cash handy with you or in the bank, Google Pixel 3 Vs iPhone XR, Which is the best to Buy? Well,...

How Chrome 71 Will Save Users From Deceptive Websites

Deceptive websites uses pop-up ads and redirecting to ensnare web users. Most times, first timers and novice falls into this trap. However, Google through...

How to Share Google Maps Real Time with Friends & Family

Google maps
The latest update of Google Maps now let your friends and family track your real time location. This new feature on Google Maps for...

Palm Phone | Everything You Need to Know

Palm phone
Truth be told, the idea of a Palm Phone is actually a nice one. Here is everything you should know about this new device...

Google Pixel 3 XL | Specifications and Features

Google Pixel 3 XL
Here are Google Pixel 3 XL full Specifications. According to Osterloh, he said, "Pixel's camera completely rethinks how images are captured," and "We can...

Google Pixel 3 | Specifications and Features

Google pixel 3
Be among the first to see Google Pixel 3 full Specifications. "Pixel's camera completely rethinks how images are captured," Osterloh said. "We can trace...

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