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Honor View 20 Review | “Great, But With Little Disappointment ” [User Reviews]

Honor View 20

Honor View 20 review: Consumers calls  Honor View 20 “A great device with little disappointment”. While some feel the phone is great and can’t even wait to get a hold of it, few others on the other hand said otherwise. Although they did agreed with its greatness but also expressed their little disappointment over the phone. But why? What else could they have been expecting the device to feature? This review will expose you to the strength and weakness of this newish device.

LIRICX said:
” The Phone Looks Great, But Should Have Had Water And Dust Protection And Also Cornning Glass”

“love the Honor View 20 it is 1 of the beautiful phones of 2019 so far,and if I had the money I would buy one for me and my wife.”

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FRANK said:
“No External Memory Card Slot Provided, which is a Negative part of this beautiful phone. Kindly do the needful to redesign and launch the same phone with External Memory Card Slot.”

ALIONA said:
“Its gorgeous. Would definitely buy.”

KIM said:
“Beast from Huawei
Dual sim
Bigger Battery
New chip set
Waiting for it…”

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RICHIE said:
” Wow, am happy about this phone but it actually gives me mix feelings. I like the design of the colours. It’s taking new dimension. Two I like the dimensions of the phone, it makes it perfect for my inhand use. Three am so excited it has dedicated memory card slot. That one makes me so very happy. The only thing that does not excite me is the camera placement and not having radio as well. The price is also good. I will go to YouTube to see the reviews of this phone and decide on it. May be it would be my next phone. If the camera is great too then I will get this phone for my daily Driver for the next 6 months. Or wait for Honor 20 or Honor Play 2. All will be great phone too. I will buy which one has greatest camera and radio. I think this phones has great battery life. Considering the battery size. That is great work done too.”

LIM JOO said:
“I’ve been waiting for this phone to be announced now for about a month or so, and now that it’s finally been announced, I’m not disappointed. 4000 mAH battery, 6.4 inch bezel-less display, 6 gigs of ram, AND has a headphone jack, all for way under 500 dollars. That’s a steal! The only thing is that I don’t really care for camera/ flash design, I find it kind of funky looking. Overall, an amazing, and one even might say” revolutionary, phone!

WILL said:
“Where is amoled and built in display fingerprint sensor?

“I wait this phone because is the first 48MP phone.”

MR MAGMA said:
“I like this design. Small front camera hole on the left, and also keep the useful jack :)”

CY said:
“amazing phone cant wait to buy it
i love honor phones”


• Strong battery (4000 mAh )
• Smart Camera
• Android OS, v9.0
• 3.5mm jack pot

• Fingerprint not embedded
• No external memory card slot

Honor View 20 shall likely be launch in Europe before the month of January comes to an end.
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