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Mobile World Congress 2019: What to Expect From Samsung, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, Nokia etc

Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress is just weeks away from here. An event that will be attended by you favourite tech brand; like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, LG, Microsoft, Nokia etc.

Mobile World Congress is the biggest tech event of the year and It is an annual trade show run by the GSMA. This year’s MWC would be held in Barcelona, Spain.

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Aside from the revelation of products that would be presented by the tech companies, Mobile World Congress is also an avenue for the industry heavyweights to talk about the future of mobile, like 5G, mobile hardware, VR and other associated technologies.

When is Mobile World Congress This Year (2019)?

MWC 2019 is scheduled to run from 25-28 February 2019. Though the big announcements are likely to be on 24 February. This is often the day that a number of press conferences are held, just before the show actually opens on 25th.

What Should We Expect at The Event?

MWC 2019: Samsung
Sadly, Samsung might not have much to offer at this year’s Mobile World Congress. This is due to its event scheduled to hold Feb. 20. Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S10 will be announced on 20 February, so we’ll have the Galaxy S10 models just before Mobile World Congress.

However, there is a rumour going round that the company might launch Its foldable phone at the MWC. So, at all at all na bad (half bread is better than none). Another rumour is that Samsung might launch a new smartphone called, Galaxy Sport.

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MWC 2019: Huawei
Huawei is one of the reasons to look forward to this forthcoming show. The Chinese tech company had 2018 in its pocket and we know they won’t like to disappoint this year. Huawei is already aiming to overcome Samsung as the number one smartphone producer in the world. But, what’s in Store that the tech giant would want to announce at the show in Barcelona? We expect to see Huawei launch the P30 in Barcelona. Huawei has booked in a press conference for 24 February and many expect the Huawei P30 to be unveiled. Huawei P30 or P30 Pro. There is also a possibility of a foldable phone show off and a 5G announcement.

MWC 2019: Xiaomi
Just like Huawei, Xiaomi too has
confirmed that it’s hosting a press event on 24 February. What do we expect to see from Xiaomi? A 5G phone announcement and there is also rumour of a three panel foldable phone.

MWC 2019: Nokia
Nokia is holding a press event on February 24. Nokia under HMD has achieved a lot. The smartphone is fast coming into limelight. Nokia might launch its Nokia 9 at the show in Barcelona.

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MWC 2019: LG
LG will likely announce its flagship G8 at MWC. The device is expected to be 5G. LG has since booked a press event on February 24.

MWC 2019: OPPO
There’s a lot happening with Oppo at the moment – it’s launching into the UK on 29 January and it has confirmed that it will be at Mobile World Congress and showing off the 10x zoom system, perhaps in a launch device.

Mntrends Tech will keep you updated with the latest from the Mobile World Congress 2019.


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