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What’s in Store For Apple’s 2019 iPhones?

2019 iPhones

To remain relevant in the smartphone biz, Apple devices this year (2019 iPhones) must be different from previous ones. So what should we expect from Apple’s devices this year?

Apple’s current iPhone generation is not having its best sales. Apple is currently the third best smartphone producer in the world (behind Samsung and Huawei). However, in a matter of time if care is not taken, other Chinese tech companies like Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and Lenovo will over take Apple as well.

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Hence, to avoid the unexpected and unwanted, Apple must be hard at work this 2019. According to Tech Analyst, Neil Igho, he says “Apple must not only work hard but also work smart”. He further said, “the company must be prepared to make several major changes that would make its devices more appealing”.

What Apple Might Have In Store For Its 2019 iPhones


An introduction of USB Type-C into iPhone this year won’t be a bad idea at all. In shot, such move would make Apple devices more appealing. USB Type-C is not new to Android users. And if Apple should adopt this in to their devices, it would provide the convenience of carrying just one cable for several devices and purposes. This is definitely one major change that can bring Apple more consumers this 2019.

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This is yet another move Apple can take to caption people’s interest this 2019. According to gist that has hit the web, Apple is considering bringing back Touch ID and embedding it into the screen. Again, this is something that totally makes more sense, especially as the other companies are doing it too.


Apple would want to improve its 2019 iPhone screen estate. After Apple started the notch screen with iPhone X few years back, other tech companies have followed suit and even improved more on it. So, just like Samsung Galaxy A8sHuawei Nova 4 and Xiaomi Mi 9, Apple should lay hands on the pinhole notch for Its 2019 iPhones.

Apple has no other option than to come with something big this year to remain relevant in the smartphone biz and It must act fast.


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